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New course announced for Wargun…

With the ever increasing burdens and priorities of work, and providing for family, it has rendered my dream of completing this webcomic in a timely fashion powerless. As I’m sure you’ve noticed! I’ve been unable to draw and earn my living while at the same time draw, write, ink, and color my webcomic (for free) in my spare time. I really don’t have any right now!
But luckily we live in an age of technology and media, and for me, it doesn’t mean my dream is over, I just have to simply change course. So that’s what I’m gong to do, and that’s where I need your help!
If you like what you’ve seen so far (the little you have) then you can help me see this dream through to completion. Sure I haven’t worked on X-men or some other Awesome title, and don’t have a BIG name, but you’re the judge, and as the audience you have the awesome power of determining what makes in today’s world of entertainment and what dies out and never hits the page. Do you like my art? Would you like to see more of Wargun and have it become a webcomic/comic?
Here’s how you can help. “Like” us on Facebook… here. When enough fans are generated. We’ll launch a Kickstarter page to raise the funds to make this comic a reality.
In the meantime, I’ll work on more pages so you can see more of what this comic will become and determine if it’s something worth supporting! If this works, and is successful just know that Wargun isn’t the only comic idea I have in store. There are plenty more. And once Wargun is a successful reality, I’ll have the freedom, hopefully, to create more titles that are just as awesome, just as unique, and just as worth reading as Wargun. So the road doesn’t stop here. We’ll go places!
So are you with me!?! Head on over to our new Wargun facebook page and just “like” it. From there you’ll be able to follow all the latest, and keep up to date on what I’m doing, and what new art I’m posting.

Thanks so much! And thank you for your support thus far!!

Wargun sneak peek

Well it’s been a bit since my last post, but I wanted to keep the lines open and at least post a little something! Here is a sneak peek at a page from my sketch book which includes a look at the background of Wargun and how the idea all got started. It was something I had an idea for way back when actually, and it’s involved into what it is today. But this story in particular I thought was make for an amazing webcomic simply because of the fast-pace and the action that would carry it.


Also I wanted to post a first! At this years San Diego Comic Con (which was a blast! And I got into Artist Alley, home of the most elite artists in the world!) I was able to do my first Wargun Commission! (Ok, you’re not as excited as I am ;( but a young kid named Dillon from Canada was checking out my booth and he really like my character, and he wanted a commission done of Wargun! But out of every other character, and much better artist to choose from, he chose Wargun! I was honored to say the least, and I could tell this young man wasn’t just going to blow his money on whatever, he was going to choose wisely. So, Dillion, if you’re out there, you have the first Wargun Commission ever! Just fyi. And what an honor it was doing that commission for you. Thanks bud!

SDCC 2012

The San Diego Comic Con is here again! This year bigger and better than before (as each year proves to be), and Eric will be there again! Due to space limitations in Artist’s Alley, Eric is on the waiting list and will have to wait until Wednesday at the preview night to find out if anyone “no-shows,” and then we’ll be good to go! But have no fear, we have connections! Eric will be in the Small Press area at the Lamp Post Publications booth, located at Q-01 if it doesn’t work out in Artist’s Alley.

Eric will have his new 2012 Sketchbook for sale, The Art of Eric Ninaltowski, as well as some prints and original artwork, some of which is available on this site for sale. He will also be promoting his new webcomic, WARGUN, which will be launching the beginning of August right here on (FYI: The sketchbook has a sneak peek of WARGUN in the back! With some history and art behind the new character!) We hope to see everyone there, but if you miss it, don’t worry, there’s always next year! And be sure to check back in as we update the site with more news, pics, and info on this years San Diego Comic Con! Adios!