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If you’d like to contact me for your custom art commission here is some information to get you started! But first off, thank you for the consideration. I approach all commissions the same, I give you my best work and 110% everytime. At times workload hinders me from taking on new commissions, but I will always be upfront with you on time and availability. Please read on for more info and to get the process going. Thank you so much!


As a published professional for 15 years, I’ve worked on comics, graphic novels, sketch cards, and illustrated the comic book intro to Disney XD’s Mighty Med Tv show among other things. I’ve done a lot of commissions as well, and many have involved capturing people’s likenesses, and making a unique superhero type scene. I love detail, dynamic illustrations and good composition. To give you an idea, here are some jobs of note that I’ve been a part of…Background inks on The MEG comic adaptation with Mike Miller; Tech Giant Nutanix -website art detailing hyperconvergence technology; Samson comic with Rooted Chronicles; Penciled Ossm Comcis, Monomyth series (3 issues); Sketch Cards for Upper Deck’s Marvel sets; Avengers Age of Ultron, Marvel Legends, Captain America: The First Avenger,  Marvel Premiere and Beginnings sets etc. Also worked with Rittenhouse and Cryptozoic Marvel and DC sets. America’s Army PC Game- illustrated many background and game play elements; Penciled and Inked 6 volumes of The Hand of the Morningstar Graphic Novel, with Lamp Post Publications and Zondervan. Now I’m currently producing my own comic called Shadow Sentry that is crowdfunding on Indiegogo!


If you hire me for your commission here’s what you can expect. In order to make your vision come to life, I make sure from the start you know what you’re getting. I’ll give you roughs to look over and select what you think works and what doesn’t. After you approve the rough design, then I’ll get to work on the pencils. If your order needs to be inked, then you’ll approve the pencils before I start inking to make sure no changes need to be made and so on. I want you to be perfectly happy with the final product, and have a great overall experience. I want you to communicate to me your vision and give me as much or as little input as you’d like! ( I like commissions that give me a lot of freedom!) If you need me to fill in the gaps and submit my own ideas and experience, I bring that to the table as well. When it comes to communicating, I won’t leave you hanging with email, I’m fast with correspondence, and if I’m out of town I’ll let you know. You can expect a high level of professional work as well as service if you hire me.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Pricing below is for artwork only: IT DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING OF THE ARTWORK. I stress that so you know that up front. Shipping will be included in the final invoice. I require 1/2 payment upfront and the rest upon completion of the work. When I bill you for the remaining balance I will include shipping (Typically does not exceed $25 unless a special sized commission.) That’s just what I found is easiest and quickest.

(ALSO NOTE* every jobs needs are different, these prices may change based on varying circumstances, for example- some custom jobs, like custom character creation may require significant reworkings to get it right. Character design and/or character creation are not the same as illustrating your custom pre-designed character, or already existing characters. Prices differ from the below list for character design so be sure to contact me for a quote for that. If a job needs digital colors vs. traditional markers, the charge will be different as well. The list below is not exhaustive but a guide. *Each price listed is the full price; meaning it’s not pencils + Inks = your price. The Inks price is what you’ll pay if you want inks etc.


Here’s a breakdown of my prices to give you an idea. These prices are for  a Comic Sketch Cover size and 8.5”x11” size only. Also for 1 character only. For additional characters and sizes please inquire!

  • Head shot – Pencil: $50, Inks: $80, Colors: $100
  • Bust (chest up)- Pencil: $80, Inks: $100, Colors: $150
  • 3/4 (Mid thigh up)- Pencil: $100, Inks: $150, Colors: $200
  • Full body w/ no background – Pencil: $150, Inks: $200, Colors: $250
  • Full body w/background – Pencil: $300, Inks: $400, Colors: $500
  • Want to commission me to work on your own IP and do a full 11×17 Comic Cover (different than sketch covers above) I charge a  rate of $500 for pencil and ink or $600 w/color added. I retain the original but a purchasing option is available for an additional amount.



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Here are some previous commissions to give you an idea of the level of quality and detail I bring!

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