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A list of the sites where you can find more of my art on the web…



Divine Fire Studios– My own studio website- highlighting my various skills as an illustrator, Graphic Designer, and Comic artist. Also where you can hire me for a specific need or refer me to a friend!



Deviant Art– My DA page where I posts my most recent works, and where you can find the most comprehensive portfolio of my work.



Comic Art Fans– Another site where you can find the best of my work, dedicated to all the comic fans out there!



Comic Art Commissions– A site dedicated to commissioning artists for your own artistic endeavors, including Me! See a price breakdown for all different commissions.



Hand of the Morningstar– Check out my first published work, Hand of the Morningstar (Vol. 3) graphic novel. The first three volumes of the series have been posted online so far! Check out Mike S. Miller’s work as well on the first two volumes.


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