X-Force – Timeslide

He’s the newest addition to the 90’s inspired prints I’ll be offering in my Store. This one is also available in Metal, but also in a new larger OVERSIZED 36×24 Metal print! You’ll find it in the “Large Prints / Banner” section in the Store!

X-Men Tribute all done!

New Print available in the store! 2 sizes to choose from!

I wanted to do a sweet X-Men team shot because I haven’t done too many team shots of characters, and so I wanted to do my favorite era of X books. The 90’s!

Jim Lee has always been my favorite artist, and his infamous run on the X-Men is tops in my comic memories, so I had to do a good tribute. So here it is, hope it brings back good memories for you too!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Navy Seals!

Just finished this bad boy! An awesome mash-up of two of the most awesome teams ever! Many thanks goes out to our Armed Forces, and much love and respect for the deadliest men on the planet, our Navy Seals! Oh-rah!!
Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 2.18.22 PM