Lets Celebrate 50 Years of SDCC!

4 Day of prizes during SDCC!
And you'll stay up to date on the latest news from Eric Ninaltowski Art!
Check out the prizes!

Winners will be announced the week after Comic Con so you could win any one of these aweseome prizes no matter what day you sign up! The Grand prize will only be awarded to new sign ups, but even if you're a current subscriber you can win one of the other days prizes!

  • Thursday- Win a Ninja Turtles and Batman print + a Limited Edition Shadow Sentry Prin! Numbered 1-50 - Both Signed!
  • Friday- Win a Dr. Strange Print + a Limited Edition Shadow Sentry Print! Numbered 1-50 Both Signed!
  • Saturday - Win a Signed 3 issue trade of Monomyth! over 100+ pages of awesome! Story by Siike Donnelly, Pencils by me, Eric Ninaltowski, and colors by PJ Catacutan.
  • SUNDAY - The Grand Prize is an orginal REDHOOD piece!


Good Luck and thanks for subscribing!

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